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Cymphani Cyrine is a talented music producer, born in East St Louis, IL. Her love for music started at the age of eight when she watched her cousin write and recite his raps. Cymphani decided to start writing songs and poems, and the journey began. Although she initially wanted to play the drums, it was thought that the instrument might be too noisy, so she was introduced to the piano and became self-taught.


As a child, Cymphani would record herself singing over tapes with friends, but since she was too shy to sing in front of others, she continued to write her songs and poems. At the age of 15, Cymphani started to learn to make beats on her keyboard, but she was limited and went on a journey of figuring out how to make music. Cymphani would take her keyboard outside, and neighbors would freestyle over her beats. This was a refreshing outlet that led Cymphani to know that producing is what she wanted to do.


At 19, Cymphani enrolled in Southwestern Illinois College in Music Technology. She quickly formed a friendship with a producer named Michael Johnson, who introduced her to Fruity Loops and helped her learn the program. She caught on quickly, and it was here when she started to produce the music she dreamed of. While in college, Cymphani met other artists and poets and started a website called CCs World. She hosted blogs and shared others' music on the website.


In 2010, Cymphani moved to Atlanta where she continued pursuing her music dream. By 2012, she released her first album, The Beautiful Accident. It was during the process of creating TBA that Cymphani began learning the business of music and applying it to her journey. Releasing TBA taught Cymphani about social networking and gained her a few opportunities as well.


In 2013, Cymphani moved to Colorado, where she discovered College America and enrolled in Graphic Arts. Cymphani quickly started meeting people who would assist her in pushing her music career forward, especially the artist she would build a tight bond with named Fayro. Fayro and Cymphani would grow to become the dynamic duo producing albums and taking the music industry by storm. 


Cymphani learned even more about music business and marketing and decided to use this talent to help other independent artists. Cymphani built Cymphani Music Productions in 2015 after attempting to build a group of musicians that didn't work out. So, Cymphani created Cymphani Music Productions and began working with Fayro.


Today, Cymphani has been nominated for awards, has sponsored events by giving away beats and marketing packages. She's known for her unique beats, creative marketing techniques, and knowledge of the music business industry. To date, Cymphani has released six instrumental albums solo and a catalogue of music with Fayro and other artists. Cymphani's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the pursuit of one's dreams.

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