Tennessee is a known city for Musical Talent. Stars from every genre of music bless the state with undeniable talent, passion and creativity, but one thing that can't be denied is the Grind that takes place in the city of Memphis with it's heavy Hip Hop influence. Moguls like Drumma Boy, Yo Gotti, 3 6 Mafia and many more have made a way for newly versed talent for artist like,NLE Choppa & Duke Deuce. But today we discuss the independent artist. What does it take to be an upcoming artist to break into the mainstream? If nobody else, Sexi Killa is becoming a standing name in the city, breaking records and grinding like no others in the city.

Bringing the energy Hip Hop loves to every city she performs in Sexi Killa. Known for her viral video "Big Bitch House" ft Mon Ruffin. A versatile artist and all around lover of music. Sexi Killa found music early in life; and it became her passion and her purpose. Born and raised in surrounding areas of Little Rock, Arkansas, she became an official Memphian in 2006 and credits Memphis with growing her artistic creativity and boldness. Her dedication to music has taken her far The artist has built relationship with legends in the city Gangsta Blac, La Chat, Miscellaneous, Mac E, super producer Lexx Luthor , Dj Zirk and many more. Killa's music is a reflection of herself and her reality; real, down to earth, relatable and raw. You can find Her music on most artistic platforms with more music on the way!

In 2020 Sexi Killa went viral with her hit "Big Bitch House" ft Mon Ruffin and it spread like wild fire. The artist was also the leading lady in The Memphis Queen Cypher produced by Cymphani Cyrine. Included with the Queen Cypher Sexi Killa featured track "Second Chances" recently placed on the Lex Luga Mixtape Trafiking Vol. 28. The single can also be streamed and Downloaded where ever music is digitally sold.

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