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Focus:The Starting Point of Mental Strength

We often get wrapped up in so many external factors. These could include the people or situations around us or even something annoying that is going on with our bodies. It happens to us all. We often forget that the most important thing happening is the present moment. Nothing is more important than what is happening right now at this moment.

Mental Health, Change, Weight Loss and taking big leaps are always huge topics through the year and we all start off with a strong mind and the will to be successful in these areas but we don't all succeed myself included. But what I have learned is focusing on right now every day all day can help us reach those goals. Focusing is a key that many people forget about. Ask yourself "What am I doing right now" and stay focused on that until you're finished. Don't get distracted by the noise outside, that allergy or annoying thing going on with your body. Don't get distracted by the tv, your phone or anything else just stay focused until your task is complete.

When we recognize that focusing on the present moment is the key in succeeding we become more mindful. Mindfulness is what helps us meditate and relax and not worry about so much. I sometimes get paranoid about things going on with my body. One day my mind started running because of a pain in my side. I quickly brought my attention back to what I was doing and thought to myself "There is nothing that can happen in this moment unless I want it to happen, I am in control of the present moment." This helped me so much and was a true realization for me. Once we realize that we are in control of the present and what we focus on anxieties about the future and depressions about the past fade away.

So if you're a person who tends to get wrapped up in what maybe will happen just remember to focus and be mindful and your life will start to change. Ase' :)

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