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Cymphani Speaks On: Remarketing Music

I often talk to Artist about Marketing and a common conversation is an Artist feeling they constantly need to release New Music to promote. A few months back I wrote about this and wanted to touch on it more. As an Independent Artist music being old doesn’t relate to you and here’s why.

Many people haven’t heard your music. When you’re promoting music at a local level it’s easy to feel like the people coming to your showcases and open mics and the people on your social media and in your life is a huge chunk of the world but this is just not the case. There are millions of people in the world and as an independent artist you aren’t even reaching 1% of this world. And on top of that everyone won’t like the music you’re offering so when you feel like a song is “Old” and you shouldn’t be Marketing it consider this.

The next thing to consider is Goals. Setting Goals for releases are very important. Setting a number of streams and downloads helps to see growth in our catalogue and it’s very important because this is a way you can track new fans and pay attention to how people are reacting to your music. You also don’t have to focus on your city or even your country when Marketing your music you can explore ways of reaching different countries and cities.

Remarketing your music doesn’t mean just constantly sharing the same song link over and over again. Remarketing also doesn’t mean you can’t release new music. Remarketing simply means not pushing a song in the back of your catalogue. There are many that haven’t heard it and many ways that you can promote this song. During the Marketing process many artist will focus on one aspect of Marketing for example a lot of my clients focus on Spotify Campaigns. Spotify campaigns are a great way for people on Spotify to hear your music but what about those people who aren’t on Spotify? How will you also reach those fans? There are many ways of Remarketing from different videos you can create, connecting with Radio Stations and even submitting your music to different blogs and opportunities. Marketing goes beyond social media. The process of Marketing a song is a lengthy process especially when you’re an independent artist. If you’re an artist who has a lot of work out you may want to dig through your catalogue and shoot a video for some of these songs.

Thinking creatively when marketing is so important. We want to keep our fans informed but we also don’t want to bore them with the same song link over and over again. Don’t try to promote like your favorite industry artist. Yes they can release an album with no warning and the next day the media is all on it. But to be honest not many people know about your music and you want to stray away from focusing on the wants of your friends. The goal is to build a fan base of music buyers, streamers and fans who absolutely love your music and are going to invest in you as an artist.

I’ll say this again. Your music Is not old and many are waiting to hear it. So keep promoting it, set some goals and follow through. You got this!

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