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Cymphani Speaks On: Promoting Personal Hashtags #

These are my hashtags (#) and as I've been involved in the Music Industry I've come to find out that everyone uses them and every public figure, business or artist has one.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is what is used when you want to be seen and be relevant on social media. If you're a musician you might use #Music if you're an artist you may use #Artist and if you're a Music Artist you may use #MusicArtist. Even within this blog hashtags are relevant because google is using them to make your post relevant with other post grouped in the category.

Where did the Hashtag Come from?

Now of course when I started promoting and marketing nobody really used hashtags. And for my new generation a hashtag was just a pound sound used on a telephone. And then in the year 2007 a very smart man named #ChrisMessina pitched using # to twitter for grouping. The first hashtag was actually in reference to the San Diego Fire making the first hashtag on twitter #sandiegofire. In 2009 Twitter then added an option to follow hashtags and in 2010 Instagram adopted them followed by Facebook in 2013.

How to use the Hashtag?

The awesome part about Hashtags is that they are super easy to use. At the end of this blog you will notice me say #CymphaniSpeaks. But why? I do this because when you one day tell someone about this blog and you say "It's called the Cymphani Speaks Blog" When they search Cymphani Speaks on Google all of my Blogs will pop up and it will be easy for the person to find every blog I've written. And it can also work for you. Do you have a Slogan you use for your business? If you do put a hashtag in front of it every time you tweet, post or Instagram about it online. After about a week search your hashtag and watch everything pop up. Now using a popular hashtag is a little different because more than just your posts will pop up but those are important to use as well just to get people to find you. But remember when you create a hashtag make sure it stands out just like your brand.

Why are Hashtags important?

So why is this important? Well if you're in Marketing, Music, Entertainment or any relevant business you use Social Media. Online presence is very important. You may even say Social Media is imperative for your growth as an entrepreneur and hashtags help you remain relevant, learn what's relevant and also helps you remain relevant.

Well, that's about it. Hashtags are pretty simple but if you're interested in learning how to grow your social media presence with Hashtags, I found this really dope Blog on the subject. Check it out HERE . Later! #CymphaniSpeaks ;)

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