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Cymphani Speaks On: Marketing & Pay For Play

Yo! Good Morning. I just want to implant this into receiving Artists brains.

THERE IS NO WAY AROUND PAYING FOR PROMOTION and Marketing. It doesn’t matter who you get to promote for you they’re gonna have to put some money in for something. Which is why people in Marketing charge a service fee along with the marketing fee. When you pay someone to market for you we are looking to find the best most legit opportunities for your music and sometimes those opportunities have a fee. In a perfect world someone that markets music is just sitting around magically getting attention to your music. But no! There is a a lot of leg work involved in that and money has to be invested. Whether it be materials for street promotion, Digitial Marketing ads like Google Ads, Social Media Ads, PR. It does not matter you have to spend money on promotion.

But the great part about it is you will turn a profit down the line if done correctly. This is called Paid Promotion. For those artist focused and depending on Organic Music Marketing (Fans that find you when you haven’t paid anything for promotion) please understand this will come more frequently after investing into Marketing to get attention around your music. Also let me explain. Paying for marketing and paying for views are not the same thing.

Paying for marketing can be paying for an ad or paying for placement on a popular blog to draw attention to your music which in return can bring fans to you. Paying for views and streams are when you pay to have a company boost your views and the views and streams usually come from bots which don’t bring any real traffic to your music and in return you will not gain organic traffic at the level you’re hoping.

The great thing about Paid Marketing is you can start out with $5 and run your ad on IG or run a $10 ad on YouTube. Now before doing this make sure you know how to set up the ad for maximum effect or you’re really wasting money. There are plenty YouTube videos on how to do this.

So my point is. You can promote your music and gain attention at very low cost but also understand your success is determined by your budget and if you’re effectively using the platforms correctly as well as the #1 thing YOUR CONTENT. You need interest content that draws attention and this will help the ad do well or it will help popular blogs and pages want to post you.

So in Conclusion. Keep Pushing 🙌🏾 #CymphaniSpeaks

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Feb 06, 2022

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