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Cymphani Speaks On: Building a Music Portfolio

Submitting music for different opportunities and have been asked for a Biography everytime and an EPK about 60% of the time. Main point being is you need this. You won't always be face to face with a person booking talent, they won't always see you Live and in Person, so taking the proper steps in making the best impression for talent buyers is very important. Invest in Bio's & EPK's or build one yourself.

You will need

4-6 Professional Pictures

1 or 2 Live Performance Videos


Social Media Links

Music Links

Updated Bio


Booking Information

Extras (nominations, awards, contest wins)

If you don't have all of these materials at the moment there is nothing wrong with building slowly.

Tips on getting Started

Hire a Professional Photographer/Videographer to take shots of you while performing and also have video recorded. This needs to be done with a high quality camera.

Start keeping track of performances especially Festivals and Big Name Openers

Keep Professional Pics and Videos in a Folder on your computer

Keep track of any nominations, awards, contest wins

Always keep your music and social media links uniform. Using one name helps your followers to find you easily.

Invest in an Artist Website that showcases all of your music and tour dates.

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