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Cymphani Speaks On 2021 Music Marketing Strategy


This is the first blog I have written in a very long time and instead of speaking about royalties, publishing and copyrights; I want to begin the year and hopefully give a different perspective of you as an artist. So let's dive in!

So it's 2020 so you probably just released a new video, single or project and if you're a follower of this blog I KNOW YOU'VE ALREADY PROPERLY RELEASED IT! So let's talk strategy. This year I have many projects to release that I produced and every artist needs to take the approach based on their own career. So, outside of social media what does that mean? It means Blogs, it means websites, it means radio, it means submitting your music to larger platforms more people are connected to. Youtube Video Playlists, Spotify Playlists and even paying a curator with a larger Social Media audience to post your music for you to reach a new audience.

I don't want to drag this blog out, what I want you to take from this is to invest in your music. Plan a strategy before your release a distribute your budget wisely for maximum results. This won't be an overnight success process all the time but with the right quality, strategy, budget and distribution you do have the potential to go viral and possibly even overnight.

Let's step in to 2021 with a higher focus and switch things up from last year. And as always, you got this! Keep Going!

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