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Cymphani Speaks: Artist Royalty Payments dates 2022

Royalty Payments are up on us! This blog is for Artists and Songwriters registered with the PRO's ASCAP, BMI and SESAC the three dominant Performance Rights Organizations as well as Soundexchange and Songtrust. I am aware that many artists are receiving payments from their Distribution Companies such as Distrokid, Unitedmasters, CD Baby and Tunecore but also be sure you are registered with one of these 3 PRO's as well as Soundexchange or Soungtrust to get all og your royalties. Please Note that you can only be signed up with 1 Performance Rights Organization along with Soundexchange or Songtrust. For those who are signed up with all the proper channels payment dates are listed below.

ASCAP Artist Royalty Payments Payouts

March-April : Performance period: July, August & September 2021 (3Q21)

June- July : Performance period: October, November & December 2021 (4Q21)

Sept- Oct : Performance period: January, February & March 2022 (1Q22)

Dec : Performance period: April, May & June 2022 (2Q22)

BMI Artist Royalty Payouts

11/19/21: Royalty Payment for 2nd Quarter 2021

2/18/22: Royalty Payment for 3rd Quarter 2021

5/20/22: Royalty Payment for 4th Quarter 2021

8/19/22: Royalty Payment for 1st Quarter 2022

11/18/22: Royalty Payment for 2nd Quarter 2022

SESAC Payment Schedule

January-March June 30

April-June September 20

July-September December 31

October-December March 31 (following year)

Soundexhange Payment System:

SoundExchange offers a monthly royalty payment program for 1) those that are signed up to receive electronic payments, 2) and have royalties due of at least $100.

Artists and labels that do not meet the minimum monthly threshold will continue to be paid on our regular, quarterly schedule (March, June, September, and December) under the organization’s existing guidelines. In order to receive a quarterly payment, you must have accrued at least $10 ($100 for a paper check) in royalties before a scheduled distribution. If you are under the threshold, SoundExchange will hold your royalties until you accrue enough royalties.

Songtrust Payment System:

Songtrust receives royalties according to individual societies’ distribution schedules, which vary considerably. In addition, some royalty types — audiovisual uses, for instance — are subject to less frequent distribution cycles.

Songtrust processes payments from our global sources and distributes them to your account on a quarterly basis, and on 90 day terms — typically the last week of June (Q1), September (Q2), December (Q3), and March (Q4).

It may take 6-9+ months to start receiving royalties once you sign up, based on the time global registration can require.

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