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Cymphani Music Productions is a Certified Marketing Company

I am proud to announce that Cymphani Music Productions is a Certified Marketing Company and will be welcoming entertainers of all sorts. Cymphani Music Productions has earned certification in Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing as well as expert training in Google Ads (Display, Video, Apps, Shopping) and Beginner to Advanced Analytics as of February 2022.

Cymphani Cyrine also holds a Degree in Applied Sciences focusing on Graphic Arts. as of August 2015

Additional Skills include Web Design, Coding, Video Production & Editing, Adobe Software

In 2015 Cymphani Music Productions touched down in the Independent Music Scene offering Music Production and Portfolio Building services such as EPK, Video Editing and Graphic Design as well as Sponsoring Events. Since then the company has grown and now hosts a number of services for Music Artists to grow their brand and make money as Independent Artists. Cymphani Music Productions also has created many platforms to showcase Independent talent (Indy Artist Connect, 901 Indy Underground.)

Theres a new day when it comes to Marketing in the Music and Entertainment Community and many only do what they do to make a quick buck leaving artists feeling like they have spent their money on nothing. There are a lot of scammers in the industry and this is the main reason Cymphani Music Productions chose to become a certified company. I want my clients to feel safe knowing that their needs will be met and questions will be answered.

Over the years I have helped many artist receive royalty payments for the first time. Many of my clients have received thousands of streams on their music as well as growth in their social media accounts. I am excited to open the door to invite many more entertainers and brands to add to my roster. If you're an Actor, Comedian, Dancer. If you own a Modeling agency, Radio or TV Show let's work!

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