Choose Your Stress

Stress, it's the stuff that makes up life. I learned something very interesting about stress recently. Did you know you can choose your stress? When I learned this it literally changed my life and opened me up to so much. I know to many it may sound crazy. You're thinking "How can I choose what I stress about, I have all this and that going on" And I'd say EXACTLY!! You do have a lot going on but it's how you look at your situations that make them stressful and depending on how you react to that stress it has an affect on your body as well. But just like there are mental stressors and emotional stressors there are also physical stressors and since stress comes in all types of ways I want to talk about how you can choose your stress and change your life!

We all have bills and responsibilities in life. We all have unexpected events that happen in our lives but what I've noticed is these are the things that we tend to dwell on creating the stress in our lives. Stress goes to our focus and just like the life events that are unexpected can create stress there is away to divert this energy from bad stress to good stress.

What is Good Stress? Good Stress is feeding off of what drives you. Exercise is stressful on the body but as we keep exercising and being uncomfortable we are rewarded with better health and a better body. Our Jobs and passions can be stressful but we don't mind that stress because we are growing in life by focusing on our jobs and passions, we deal with the stress because we have to make a living. My point is stress cannot be avoided, we actually need stress to enjoy life and survive but the type of stress we focus on is what affects us. You have to change how you look at things.

Stress can't be avoided and the thing about avoiding stress is it creates anxiety and depression. And if you're not doing what you love and what drives you, you become anxious. from that as well. Avoiding stress, trying to play it safe all the time. Not wanting to get hurt, not wanting to feel emotion, not wanting to be embarrassed, not wanting people to look at you a certain way. These things can be what is causing you to be anxious and on top of that the stressors that you dwell on everyday. You are on a downward spiral that only you can change so here is my advice. Since we know that we will have stress in our lives we have to choose our focus and eliminate the stressors that have nothing to do with growth. Stop being upset everyday that you have bills and responsibilities. WE ALL DO. Just take care of it. Stop talking to negative people and allowing negativity around you. Start saying No and stop explaining yourself. You're stressing yourself out by dealing with the people that are draining your energy. Social Media, The News, can also be stressful and we don't even realize it all the time. Once you eliminate those stressors create some better habits and focus on those new habits every day. Start living your life to the fullest. Start doing scary things that will grow you. Going after your dream job is scary and stressful but once you get that job you feel like a new person. Approaching the person you've been attracted to is very stressful but what if they say YES! and even if they say No well at least you know and can move on to someone else.

Our problem is we dwell too much on the negative and we focus too much on what we cannot control. What if we were to focus on only what we can control and stop constantly focusing on what we can't and our past. What if we went after the things that we were afraid of. What if we decided that we are going to accept where we are in life and either stay where we are or find away to make a better life. The choice is always yours.